My sims related sideblog.


Sims 3 Assylum challenge. I control girl with turquoise-color hair and so far, so good. Jennie wants to be robot cross-breeder (highest level in science carrier) and she works hard to make sure her lifegoal is reached as fast as possible at the same time balancing that out with staying alive.

Bobo turned into real boy as well. As he is couch potato, he has trait incapability with Alice who is athletic.

Everyone went to prom. Alex invited Peanut and Alice went alone. Alice was voted prom queen and got nice crown. Alex got his first kiss from Peanut and asked her to be his girlfriend. So both Alice and Alex went home from prom happy and cheerful.

We turned the imaginary friend of Alex into real being. She is lovely.

Alice and Alex are like normal teenagers, they sleep and do their homework and yet one of them is mermaid.


Generation I: Eliot Slob

Parker spends more time at parties and friends houses than in his own, and Kylee doesn’t even bother to ask what is happening. She’s busy with writing and trying to earn some money, Parker spends a lot on party drinks and flowers and gifts for Agnes so there’s always less money than Kylee would like to see in their account. Time flies fast and Ethan is turning into a toddler, Kylee can’t afford a birthday party for him, but she still buys a cake and a candle for her little boy. He looks a lot like his dad, but is really shy and calm. Kylee works more and buys new toys and furniture for Ethan - he can eat baby food now and must be potty trained, Kylee also has taught him a few words, and she bought a walker so Ethan can learn to walk. Holly is a great help, she and Kylee chat from time to time and exchange with baby tips.

On a late winter night Eliot Slob is born, Kylee goes to hospital alone again, and when she comes home only to find Parker chatting with his ex-girlfriend on a phone, she finally confronts him and asks what the hell is going on. The answer is heartbreaking: Parker confesses on cheating…

Aaa! Don’t leave us hanging here like that!

Maija and her roommate. We have few hundred chairs in this house but sauna always seems the best place to eat. Not sure how it works.

Silvers had a costume party and Ariel remembered her days at music career. I’m not sure who the tiger guy is.